Colon Cleansing?

Mary asks…

Colon Cleansing?

Okay, so I am in the midst of losing weight by dieting and exercising. I read many different websites about the benefits of colon cleansing when dieting and how it can help you to lose weight more (not profoundly though). Most of the websites said that there is a type of “Plaque” that accumulates within your body from all the bad junk you have eaten in your life. And if you do a colon cleaning / detox treatment, after so long you may poop out a long string of plaque from your body cleaning itself. I also read that there are harmful parasites that live within this “plaque” and a lot of times they are the reason why some people have a hard time losing weight. Because the parasites take all the “good” nutrients and leave you with the bad.

Now I went to the Dr. about weight loss and dieting and asked him about colon cleansing, but he laughed and said that was a myth.

Has anyone ever had this done and did end up removing the “plaque” from your body?

Author answers:

Absolutely. I’ve done many types of colon cleanses. Some have been a waste of time. But the really good ones have been truly health changing. I have indeed passed large pieces of mucoid plaque and also worms. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the world’s population has parasites.

About research:

Until the 1950s medical doctors regularly recommended and researched ways to cleanse the colon including enemas, fasting and herbal cleanses. Many of these doctors considered a healthy colon to be the foundation of overall good health.

There’s a free report on this website that will give you, in specific, all the details of the medical research done on colon cleansing.


I’d recommend that you only take colon cleansing advice from people who’ve actually done it.

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Has anyone tried the lemon detox diet?

Helen asks…

Herbal and diet detox experiences?

Ok, I’m not asking anyone what their opinion in general is on detoxes, so if you haven’t done one and don’t have any personal experience, please don’t give your general opinion. I’m taking a few supplements to detox my kidneys, liver, and colon, as well as going on a 30-day diet modification that restricts me to fruit in the am only, quinoa, brown rice, chicken, fish, and veggies, veggies, and more veggies. What I hope to get out of this is a reduction is acne and boils and an increase in energy. Has anyone done anything similar? I’d love to hear your experiences so I can know what to expect!

Author answers:

Christine, the best way to detox your kidneys and liver is to take a coffee enema, look it up first before you try it, but it works. This also helps the colon.

Lisa asks…

Has anyone tried the lemon detox diet?

Hi am very curious about this.The lemon detox site says to use mandal bay syrup, but I have checked the dept stores in my city ( Bangalore,India)not one of them has it.I read that alternatively maple syrup can be used.But the scary thing is this diet is supposed to be maintained for 2 weeks! and they say to drink this diet mix (8oz)6-8 times in a day .Do they mean 8oz* 6 times or what.Anyone know more about this please help & I don’t want information or links to colon cleansing please 🙂
but is the liquid the only thing that am allowed to have?

Author answers:

Apparently you can use any kind of organic maple syrup. Emphasis on organic. You will also have to squeeze your own lemons, ie. Fresh juice. I believe the most common detox diet also asks you to add in cayenne pepper. You will have to drink this mixture often (6 to 8 times a day) because the body needs those nutrients (or lack thereof).

I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, such as the first few days being extremely tough, but after day 7, people started seeing a lot of energy.

Jenny asks…

How to get rid of intestinal bulk? AKA detox your body and clean out your colon?

I have bad stomach aches every now and then, especially after I eat! I also have a hard time going number two…sparing the details, it’s just not regular. I’m pleased with my weight…if I stayed at this weight forever I think I would be happy…but I’m getting married in a few months and I would like to be a little slimmer. My stomach is basically my biggest concern, it pooches out around my lower abdomen, and a coworker suggested it could be intestinal bulk (excess poo) thats stuck there. I was wanting to detox and clean it all out (gross I know!).
Just so you know, I’m not relying on a detox to lose weight, I’m on a healthy diet, packed full of fruits and veggies and I’m hitting up the Kinect Zumba three times a week! But I think if I could get rid of this bulk in my stomach it could help get rid of the pooch and make my belly feel better. My coworker suggested the “QuickTrim”…you know, the Kardashian thing. But after reading into it, it doesn’t seem very safe. And I want my insides to feel BETTER, not damage them.
Any natural ways to detox? Thanks! 🙂
Oh and a second question about weight loss…I have gained a little weight in the past year (not much, I’m completely happy with how I look!) but most of it has went to my breasts. They’ve always been large, but now they’re ginormous and I can’t fit into my bras anymore and when I wear any sort of low cut shirt, I look like Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Will they decrease in size if I lose weight? Just wanting someone’s take on that because I’m not really sure.

Author answers:

Hello cut out white carbs and all wheat. Do not even eat whole wheat. Cut out all meat as well. You can get your protein and iron from beans, nuts, seeds, and other healthy sources. Do not eat any dairy or eggs. Keep this up for atleast two weeks. Your body will cleanse and you will feel much better. I suggest keeping to a diet like this for your whole life filled with healthy grains like brown rice, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.

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Detox Cleansing Diets

Donna asks…

I have actually purchased acaiberry detox&colon cleanse&used for 2days,no changes,does it take time to show?

am 78kg now was 104kgs when i delivered my baby 7 months ago with several kind of diet but doesnt want to go less then 78kg., did anyone use acai berry? should it be used with specific diet? please dont give me links, just advises. thanks

Author answers:

It is a waste of money and doesn’t work. No pill, potion or supplement will help you.

All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and exercise – it takes time 🙂

Mary asks…

The truth about colon cleanse/detox plans?

Ok.. I’ve tried to do a little research on this, and the internet is filled with a myriad of products, plans, etc. claiming to cleanse the colon and detox your system. I am not sure what to think. Are supplements really necessary? If so, are there products out there that are safe, with no “fillers”, etc.? Obviously I realize a healthy diet and exercise are a must. I am just looking for a plan to detox my system and clean out the colon… There are so many things out there.. and I’ve also heard scary stories about “natural” products…does anyone have personal experience and/or reliable advice about this? Thanks so much
btw, I already eat plenty of fiber, fresh fruit/veg, and exercise daily.
I want to thank everyone for taking the time to answer. If the general consensus is that a “program” is not necessary, then is there something I can do with diet/fasting for 1-2 days to achieve the same effect? As mentioned, my diet is healthy (includes lots of fiber) and I exercise daily- but too often I still feel “backed up” (sorry, I know it’s not a pretty topic!)

Author answers:

Colon cleansing can be helpful. Those docs who aren’t scared by the alternative movement’s use of colon cleanses will tell you that YES stuff does build up there. All things not being perfect, the colon also is assaulted and can’t do its job in the perfect manner it was created to do it.

The best thing to do is plan a spring or fall yearly cleanse. It is best to use gentle products like what Garden of Life offers, or other equivalents. Avoid psyllium in your cleanse if possible as it is very harsh. I’ve used the Ultimate Cleanse, and like it, but it was a rather long experience. And, the psyllium content ended up making me get IBS mimic symptoms, so I had to stop.

Colon cleansing can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to your wallet. Find an alternative health message board, and ask for people’s recommendations of what they liked.

The heart is supposed to work well to pump the blood around your body, while they lungs infuse oxygen and take away CO2, but we all know they need help occasionally too. 🙂

Remember to always drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise.

Steven asks…

Detox/Colon Cleanse/Candida Question?

I’m exercising doing Insanity workouts, & eating healthy, more fruits & vegetables as well as taking greens powder and a good natural multivitamin daily, I’m also taking psyllium husks, & aloe vera, to clean my colon. (for about a week) How long will it take to detox, or be toxin free, I’m 25 and have had Candida for a few years. I’m also starting a candida diet (again) & natural anti candida remedies: coconut oil, garlic, oregon oil, etc.
(I sweat a lot when I workout & drink plenty of water)

Author answers:

You may be trying too hard with the wrong protocol. To learn about the Candida diet and proper supplements, go to this website:

We typically find that with the anti-fungal diet and proper supplements, people are Candida free in 2-3 weeks.

Good luck!

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A Cleaner And Healthier Colon Tips & Guide

You may have got to assist keep your lower colon clean each and every and each and every single day on account of the reality the colon is frequently identified as the sewerage strategy of the human body. The everyday living of contemporary folks has exposed them to every and each and every sort of junk food and caused excessive amounts of anxiety and pollution which has bombarded our bodies. All these wastes, viruses, toxins, bacteria, and new food will collect into the gut and trigger all sorts of complications. That difficulty will lead you to suffer with plenty of Difficulties such as bloating, tough stools, gas, and unrestrained weight acquire. So it is actually really drastically crucial you guarantee that the interior of your lower bowel is clean and kept that way continually.

The colon is truly a critical organ within the body plus a considerable quantity of waste has to move via it so it could be dumped. Plenty of men and girls are surprised when they learn they are able to shed as a great deal as 10 pounds of waste which is besieged within the bowel. The typical human can eat as a whole lot of as from four to 6 meals every day but the concern is that several folk may perhaps nicely only encounter a bowel movement each one to two days. The makers of ColoThin say that their nutritional colon cleaning and weight management product will reverse that difficulty.

Everyone knows that waste can get stuck inside the gut and that this waste can injure us in a good deal of procedures. 1 disadvantage is that the buildup does not permit this organ to take in enough vitamins and minerals. Consequently, we’re ordinarily hungrier and we really feel the urge to eat more so we will get the minerals and vitamins we have to have.

Really a number of ColoThin critiques normally say the item is produced from 100% naturally occurring ingredients and will help you to to cleanse your body from the threatening materials that could reside inside your lower bowel. You will be relieved from undesirable wellness Troubles and discomforts, also.

As your colon gets cleaned, you will lose further weight from your body also and procure far more strength and energy. The metabolism of your body will also turn out to be improved and leave you feeling fit and refreshed. Your natural skin glow will return and you might appear younger and more reinvigorated. You could readily stand out within the bunch wherever you go.

To create your encounter considerably more pleased, you are able to obtain a entirely cost-free trial give of ColoThin. It may be probable to acquire a trial pack from an on the internet net web page and only pay the delivery fee. The makers are particular of the incontrovertible reality that instantly after you get began to make use of the item, you could stick tough to it so you’ll acquire the bill later .

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