Vegan protein question?

Sandy asks…

Vegan protein question?

According to the protein calculator, my body requires 30 grams of protein per day. So today I ate 6 grams in tofu, 14 grams in bread, and about 35 grams or so in peanut butter. Are those adequate sources of protein? Is it better to get protein from various sources rather than just one? Are there different types of protein? Sorry if this sounds a little weird, I have an eating disorder problem.
No I don’t eat dairy, eggs, cheese, honey or any of that because I am vegan.

Author answers:

Yes, its best to get protein from multiple sources. The reason being is you’ll get complete protein that way.

Some good sources of protein are soybeans, avocados, bananas, beans of all kinds, peaches,peanut butter, soy milk, fat free yogurt if you eat dairy.

A lot of vegetarians focus specifically on vegetables when they make their meals or when they shake. That, however, is a mistake. That leaves out most protein rich foods and is not a very balanced diet.

I would not focus as much on amount either as I would complete protein. Protein being complete is what’s important.

For amount I would not go below 25-28 grams or above 45-50 grams.

Also, 6 grams of tofu is not exactly 6 grams of protein. Things don work that way. If the package says 6 grams of protein then that’s for 1 serving — not 6 grams of whatever is in the package.

The serving size is listed on the package, most always the back, at the top.

For whole foods the serving size its typically 1/4 — 1/2 of the whole food. Like, for example, an avocado; 1/2 of an avocado is most always 1 serving.


A vegetarian diet is more than just vegetables. Whole grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, legumes, etc.. Are very important to consume as well.

Vicky, if she wanted to eat meat she would not be a vegetarian. She does not need to get protein from many sources to get complete protein either. Getting protein from many sources just gets her more protein overall and helps balance out the diet.

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Tips on losing weight FAST

David asks…

Tips on losing weight FAST without regard to health?

I need to lose 15 lbs fast. I don’t care if I put it back on within a few weeks, that isn’t my concern. I don’t care if what I do is detrimental to my health, this is something I won’t be doing any other time again in my life. I just need tips for losing weight incredibly fast. Thanks.

admin answers:

I advise you to drink green tea 1-3 glasses per day
green tea speeds up your metabolism
drink lots and lots of water 8 glasses each day.
Do not snack
do not drink soda
go on the half off diet only eat half of what you would usually eat and give or throw the rest away
if you are really hungry and you’ve had all your daily meals snack on fruits ( oranges, apples, bananas )
exercise more try and run for at least 30 minutes a day
get more active
get more sleep it prepares your body
stretch, yes it works and it doesn’t just help you lose weight it helps with you’re growing to make you a little taller
count your calories try to stay under the amount of 1300 calories per day
change you’re lifestyle it makes a difference
do not eat candy or chips eat more greens or protein bars
avoid fast food and cut out fried food when you cook your meal oven cook your food do not fry it
chew gum because when you chew gum you do not pick at food for example if theres some chips in you’re cupboard you go to them a think good damn they look good then you would say no i cant pick at them because i dont wanna throw my gum away
do not eat after 6pm because before 6pm you can burn all you’re food off and if you eat after six it will lay on you’re stomach as you eat.
Do not eat before you go to sleep
drink a glass of water before you go to sleep
eat spicy food, if you can because it speeds up you’re metabolism
do not weigh you’re self everyday because it torments you,weight you’re self once a week ( every Monday )
good luck!

Or you can google 3 day american heart association and it gives you step by step what to eat and drink it also says you can lose 10 lbs. In 3 days!

Charles asks…

Does anyone have any easy or fast tips to losing weight?

Does anyone have any easy or fast tips to losing weight?
I really want real answers.
I know that I should exercise but is there ways so I won’t be so exhausted. Do you get what I mean?

Are there any healthy diets?
If so can you give me some?

admin answers:

It’s easy and free!

Drink more water… You can use a water bottle and refill it through out the day. But drink about 4-6 bottles of water during the day
this will keep you hydrated, full and flush out your system

no fast food, boxed food (freezer food that comes in a box), or junk food, soda and candy. OK, you can have some, just not everyday!

If you cook meals at home do that instead of buying meals. Use fresh ingredients. It’s cheaper and healthier.

Run a few times a week. Even 10-15min every other day of easy jogging.


Thomas asks…

Does anyone have good tips on losing weight fast?

I’ve always had a problem with weight and i really need to lost at 30 pounds before the new year because i have to have a surgery and the doctor won’t do it until i’m in shape. I need any tips that you can give me.

admin answers:

Get ready to lose 10 pounds! By paying attention to the amount of food you eat, eliminating unnecessary sugar and fat from your foods and making sure you include absolutely delicious meals and snacks to keep your taste buds happy.

Use this easy-to-follow and super healthy diet plan to lose the first 10, the last 10, or any 10 in between! Because it’s a balanced and flexible program, you can stay on this diet as long as it takes.

Top Fast Diet Secrets

1 – Keep track of everything you eat and drink. No need to estimate calories – just write down the type of food or beverage and the amount.

2 – Cut your fat intake in half, which means half as much margarine or butter on toast, vegetables and your muffin, half the mayonnaise on your sandwich, and half the oil in the pan when you sauté foods. You get the idea!

3 – Limit the sugar treats to three times per week maximum.
Include good sources of protein at meal, chicken, fish, legumes, peanut, cottage cheese, eggs or yogurt.

4 – Eat at least one meatless lunch and dinner each week to reduce fat, increase fiber, and get yourself into the habit of building meals around whole grains, beans and vegetables.

5 – If you’re not currently using skim milk, go down to the level of fat content in the milk you use. For example, if you currently use two percent, use only one percent. If you insist on whole milk, try two percent.

6 – Eat at least two servings of fresh fruit every day. Choose whatever type of fruit is in season.

7 – Instead of fruit juice for breakfast or snack, drink water. Add a slice of lemon or lime for zest.

8 – Include two servings of vegetables with lunch and dinner, for a total of at least four servings per day.

9 – Choose one to two servings of foods made from whole grains with every meal.

10 – Shut off the TV whenever you eat – that includes meals and snacks. Studies show that we automatically eat larger portions when we snack in front of the tube, and typically those foods are high in fat and sugar, which means excess calories!

11 – Choose calories you can chew – that means only calorie-free beverages (except for milk) Sodas are loaded with empty calories, and fruit juices provide less fiber and vitamins per calorie than the fruit they’re made from.

12 – Plan ahead for meals and snacks so you know exactly what you plan to eat. Last-minute choice tends to be higher in calories and lower in satisfaction.

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Free Weight Loss Programs

If you’re seriously interested in knowing about free weight loss programs, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about quick weight loss centers.

Weight loss can be such a struggle that we start thinking we have to do something drastic to see results — diets, pills or those weird fitness gadgets on infomercials that promise instant success. The true secret to weight loss is this: Make small changes each and every day and you’ll slowly (but surely) lose those extra pounds. Weight loss self hypnosis is the perfect tool for re-educating your unconscious mind – the part that creates cravings and impulses – to give you back choice in what you eat. Permanent weight loss occurs with a change in lifestyle, not through unnatural diets that are impossible to maintain over the long term. Weight loss comes down to reducing extra calories from food and beverages and increasing calories burned through physical activity.

Now you not only look better, you also feel great, become more energetic, so it means you’ll have more strength to star doing new interesting affairs. Marginal weight loss can be attained through personal efforts, however, overweight and obesity are increasingly becoming a concern that require the intervention of professionals and other service providers. This is expanding the scope of weight management services market. Now-a-days Losing weight has become a big goal for many peoples and most of the peoples feel difficulties in losing weight. Really losing weight is not an easy process.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and weight loss experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to quick weight loss centers.

The fact sheet can help you talk to your health care professional about weight loss and get the best information before choosing a program. Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program”. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.

It can help detox and purify your body, boost metabolism and energy, cleanse the colon and improve health, and lose weight quickly and naturally. According to some, green tea’s antioxidants, called catechins, scavenge for free radicals that can damage DNA and contribute to cancer, blood clots, and atherosclerosis.

Weight loss done right takes time. It’s a matter of changing your diet and activity habits over time to eventually get where you need to be to sustain slow and gradual but steady weight loss. Weight loss with the calorie shifting plan is faster and easier than any other system that I know of. It doesn’t require calculations, you don’t have to go hungry, and you don’t have to exercise rigorously.

When word gets around about your knowledge of quick weight loss centers, others who need to know about free weight loss programs will start to actively seek you out.

About the author: offers free information on free weight loss programs and quick weight loss centers. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this paragraph and links are kept unchanged.

HCG Online Shop For The Weight Loss Hormone

HCG Online Shop For The Weight Loss Hormone.



by Minnie Lowery

If you are considering visiting the HCG online shop for the weight loss protocol that works 100% of the time for everybody who follows the directions, you most certainly are not alone. This has become extremely popular ever since the publication of the book came out a few years back about the weight loss cure that the powers that be do not want people to know about.

The letters, HCG are an abbreviation for a naturally recurring hormone found in both men and women; human chorionic gonadotropin. It is sometimes called the pregnancy hormone since women produce a ton of it during their first trimester of prenatal development. This makes some people think it’s an exclusively female hormone, which is not the case.

Actually there are no hormones that are solely female or solely male. That isn’t the way they work. For example, estrogen is produced by men and testosterone is produced by women. Therefore, men should not be afraid to use HCG, since their own bodies are already making the hormone, naturally.

The accusations are truthful regarding the suppression of the data on HCG on weight loss. Dr. A. T. W. Simeons started working with HCG in the 1930’s. His research was published in a peer reviewed medical journal in the ’50s. The evidence is overwhelming that when you combine the hormone and a severe calorie restricted diet for a duration of either three weeks or six weeks, you will lose weight.

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who have lost as much as a pound of fat for each day. Some people have lost more than that. Even in the face of all this success, the official stance from the medical community is that the is no evidence to indicate that HCG promotes weight loss. Actually, the evidence indicates that it never fails to work, when anyone follows the directions.

A lot of individuals have been on the regimen a number of times. They have lost between one and two hundred pounds. This protocol has proven to be the one thing that so many people were able to lose weight with, after everything else they tried did not work for them. You definitely need to include both parts of this regimen; the HCG hormone and the specific diet plan. If you try it with only one of these, you simply won’t see results.

When a woman is pregnant the HCG metabolizes the excess fat, & the nutrients that were locked in, are released & sent to the placenta, which is where the nourishment for the fetus will come from. If you are not pregnant, & you use HCG, the fat will be metabolized, & you will get the benefit of the nutrients. This is why it’s safe to consume 500 daily calories. The only thing you have to lose by visiting the HCG online shop is your excess pounds. Read more about: hcg online shop

About the Author:

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What Stomach Exercise Flat Abs Can You Do At Home.

What Stomach Exercise Flat Abs Can You Do At Home.



by Trevor Weir

There are a variety of different stomach exercise flat abs. You can always search them out and do them at home. If you are a member of a gym you can ask the trainers there what the best ways are and see what they say. They can show you the different ways you can tone your abs and take off the inches. They might even show you ones that you can do at home as well.

Pilate’s: Pilate’s videos are fantastic. They are low impact with large results. You can usually purchase a set that comes with the video, balance ball, and usually a few other things that will assist you in the exercise video. All you do is follow along and you will be flat before you know it.

Home exercises videos are fantastic and are created to work as well. There are many different videos out there and usually they come in a set or you can purchase videos for your target area.

Machines do work well but be cautious because many of them that are out there just don’t work the way that you wanted to. That just leads you to being frustrated. Usually that ends in you not wanting to do any more work with it because you are just not seeing the results that the product offers you in the commercial and on the box. Sometimes these machines are not for everyone.

There are many exercises’s that you can do just at home to help you gain flat abs. You can do crunches, bicycle curls, different leg lifts and there are so many more. A lot of the exercises’s you can do free at home, you can find on the Internet. There are many different ones to choose from. So print off a few ones and see what ones you like and dislike and then try some new ones. The really nice thing about finding them online is that you can always trade up the exercises so you aren’t doing the same thing everyday. That’s a good thing because you can become bored of the same routine and want to change it up every now and again.

If you go to a gym there are different ways there too. You can use the machines available ( as long as you make sure you are properly trained to use them to lessen injury ) you can also stand on a core training ball with a partner and try to balance while catching a medicine ball. This looks easy but boy can it work out those abs. You can also use the medicine balls in different ways to help work out the abs. There again are so many things that you can do at the gym. The best thing for you to do is ask a trainer to make sure that you are doing the best exercise for you.

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