Fast Ways To Lose Bellyfat

Thomas asks…

I Feel Like the Saggy Baggy Elephant :(?

I am at the end of my rope and I am in tears. My heaviest weight was 197-200 pounds and I am 5’4″. I lost weight and I probably weigh about in my 140s now. However, my thighs are still huge, flabby and covered in cellulite, my butt has cellulite and my stomach is saggy and hanging. I am only in my 20s. I felt that I lost my teen years to being fat. While my friends were wearing the cute clothes and going out to parties, I was wearing the over-sized sweat pants and “mom jeans”. Now I feel like I have lost my young adult years as well to a messed up body. It feels like by the time I finally get my body straight, I will be too old to wear the nice clothes that I have been denied for so long.

I don’t eat that much. I never did. My father’s whole side of the family was heavy. I lost weight by starving myself and doing a lot of cardio. That’s how I got down to the 140s.

I am currently on the slim-fast plan trying to further change my body and I am so hungry all of the time. I do daily cardio for about an hour. And still my body looks the same. If I eat one slice of pizza, it feels like I gain 7 pounds overnight. I was doing abdominal exercises but they were hurting my back and I was tired of doing all of that work and not seeing any results so I stopped. I don’t have the energy to do a lot of toning….I am just so tired all of the time.

I’d like to get rid of the sagging, pot belly and flabby thighs and cellulite. I am pretty much okay with my current weight….I don’t necessarily want to lose weight (though that would be nice), my main goal is to reshape this saggy baggy cellulite covered body. What can I do? Has anyone of you been in my situation and if so, what did you do? Please help me. I find myself getting very depressed about this issue.

(Now that I have a computer of my own, I won’t miss choosing a best answer. I will be choosing a best answer this time so come on in and help a desperate young woman out. Thanks for your time. )

Author answers:

Ok, i really recommend jillian Micheals – she used to be like 180lbs when she was 12 and 4’11 !!


^ I recommend that one for you the most seeing as you have lost the weight – but you might also like:

her vids are awesome >.> look at a few clips on youtube and you will see what I mean!!

her workouts seem impossible but honestly you will get used to it – I am on like day 3 on the 30 day shred and my sides have toned up (I am over weight btw)

it will defo be worth an hour of your day!! 🙂 do it in the bedroom or somet :p and the food – well try to keep a balanced diet – and ease off the salt – the salt is the reason why you wake up the next morning and the scales have gone up! Salt absorbs all the water in your body – it is all water weight!

Joseph asks…

How can I gain weight before Summer? PLEASE HELP!?

I am 23yrs old and I am 5’1 110lbs my body makes me look as if I’m 12 =( I want to head to Miami for Summer in May and I want to look great. What I want to work on is my lower body. My upper is fine but I have a little chubby belly that shows lol it makes my body look weird. My thighs are okay but would like to gain more weight there in the thighs and in my butt. My body is flat all around like I said I look 12. I’m not bony skinny a little fat but I’m not fat. I know to work on your butt you can do squats but for how long? What kind of squats? I want a full round booty and I want it fast lol Would like to gain about another 20lbs in a few weeks. Also how can I get rid of this pudgy stomach it looks like I’m 3 or 4mos pregnant BUT I’M NOT! lets just say my stomach sticks out farther than my butt does lol I want to look like a woman not a chubby little boy if that makes sense. So really what I’m asking is How to get rid of this pudge to have a flat stomach? How to gain more weight in the thighs and butt to gain about 20lbs? And what excersices can I do for my stomach and butt? I want to do these workouts and weight gain here at home without having to buy extra stuff. I want to get the great body I want at least by April or sooner. Please Help with any suggestions..

And if you include excersices please state how many sets a day or video links and for the weight gain as well. I do not want to lose any weight just gain weight except get my stomach back flat.


Author answers:

I think you are the perfect candidate for the age old method of gaining weight used by football players since the dawn of time. Squats and milk. A 1/2 gallon of milk a day and squats with weight 2x a week. Do back squats one day and front squats the other day. Add weight to the bar each week. Do some deadlifts too and finally do an upper body day.

It is going to be tough to gain weight and lose fat, but given that you are a beginner it might just happen.

For you, a 1/2 gallon of skim milk a day would be an extra 640 calories a day. I would recommend more to a football player, but for you and your current size that should be fine. This is IN ADDITION to what you are currently eating. You need to be in a caloric surplus to gain weight. You might need more calories if you have a fast metabolism too and since we’re adding in weights that may be the case, if so go with 2% instead of skim. If you are still stalling in weight go with whole.

For the weights, you absolutely have to increase the amount of weight you are lifting each and every week. Progressive overload training. If you squat just the bar (45lbs.) this week for 3 sets of 6-8 reps you better be squatting 55lbs. Next week. Same for all the other exercises.

A super simple plan would be something like this “if you have access to a gym”:
with gym access
Monday: Back Squat, flat Bench, Bent over row
Wednesday: Deadlift, Military press, dumbell row
Friday: Front squat, incline bench, pull ups

no gym access:
Monday: Body weight squats, pushups, rows with milk jugs full of sand
Wednesday: Suitcase Deadlift (google it), Military press, suitcase rows (or milk jugs with sand or water)
Friday: Squat thrusts, farmer walks with milk jugs, pull ups

Not having a gym will be harder, so you will need to push yourself more to get some gains. Not saying it can’t be done, but it won’t be as easy since you won’t have as much weight to use as a stimulus. For the bodyweight stuff, I would say do 50-100 reps of each exercise in as many sets as it takes. Probably 4 or 5 sets once you get good at it, but it might take you 10+ until you do. Just some ideas above…

You’ll have a lot of milk jugs to work with on my plan 🙂

Do some cardio on non weight training days, say Tuesday and Saturday. Rest thursday and sunday.

Notice the 3x a week lower body. You will gain some weight, you glutes and quads will get nice. The squats and deads will also help your abs a lot. The cardio will help the fat. You’ll look awesome in Miami. Drink your milk! Attack it hard and strong and you will reap the rewards.

Michael asks…

Will that fat ever go away?

SI’m 5’6″ and have been overweight in the past. The highest weight I’ve ever reached was at 156 pounds…Since then, I’ve learned how to manage a healthier lifestyle, thus losing the weight. The lowest weight I have ever come to was 110, which was unhealthy, I know…But my question is, why have I never lost that roll at the bottom of my stomach?

I’ve always naturally been inclined to gain weight in my hip and thigh area, so is that part of it?

Recently, I became pregnant. I weigh (about) 120-125 on any average day…but I’ve always carried that inch and a half of belly fat/roll! Now that I’m pregnant, I see that I’m showing a little bit faster than most women. I know that a little of that is the baby, but the real “bump” is mostly that inch and a half of fat that has never went away. Is this normal for women or something? Most women at a healthy weight have a flat stomach. Not me. it’s like flat, flat, flat…and then small “roll”. I’m only 13 weeks.

My question is…is this genetic? Am I doomed to have a small roll there for the rest of my life? I just don’t understand and I feel a depressed over it.

Author answers:

A flat stomach is not necessarily healthy. Women do have a higher body fat percentage than men, due to the fact that they do have to give birth and all…

And personally, I know very few people who have flat stomachs. What about you?

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