HCG Online Shop For The Weight Loss Hormone

HCG Online Shop For The Weight Loss Hormone.



by Minnie Lowery

If you are considering visiting the HCG online shop for the weight loss protocol that works 100% of the time for everybody who follows the directions, you most certainly are not alone. This has become extremely popular ever since the publication of the book came out a few years back about the weight loss cure that the powers that be do not want people to know about.

The letters, HCG are an abbreviation for a naturally recurring hormone found in both men and women; human chorionic gonadotropin. It is sometimes called the pregnancy hormone since women produce a ton of it during their first trimester of prenatal development. This makes some people think it’s an exclusively female hormone, which is not the case.

Actually there are no hormones that are solely female or solely male. That isn’t the way they work. For example, estrogen is produced by men and testosterone is produced by women. Therefore, men should not be afraid to use HCG, since their own bodies are already making the hormone, naturally.

The accusations are truthful regarding the suppression of the data on HCG on weight loss. Dr. A. T. W. Simeons started working with HCG in the 1930’s. His research was published in a peer reviewed medical journal in the ’50s. The evidence is overwhelming that when you combine the hormone and a severe calorie restricted diet for a duration of either three weeks or six weeks, you will lose weight.

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who have lost as much as a pound of fat for each day. Some people have lost more than that. Even in the face of all this success, the official stance from the medical community is that the is no evidence to indicate that HCG promotes weight loss. Actually, the evidence indicates that it never fails to work, when anyone follows the directions.

A lot of individuals have been on the regimen a number of times. They have lost between one and two hundred pounds. This protocol has proven to be the one thing that so many people were able to lose weight with, after everything else they tried did not work for them. You definitely need to include both parts of this regimen; the HCG hormone and the specific diet plan. If you try it with only one of these, you simply won’t see results.

When a woman is pregnant the HCG metabolizes the excess fat, & the nutrients that were locked in, are released & sent to the placenta, which is where the nourishment for the fetus will come from. If you are not pregnant, & you use HCG, the fat will be metabolized, & you will get the benefit of the nutrients. This is why it’s safe to consume 500 daily calories. The only thing you have to lose by visiting the HCG online shop is your excess pounds. Read more about: hcg online shop

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