Lose belly fat and love handles fast

Paul asks…

How to lose belly fat FAST when your a kid?

So I really wanna lose some weight especially on my stomach so could you please include an exercise plan and a few healthy but kinda cheap recipes and a list of good exercises please

Author answers:

If your still a kid then your not really going to be losing that much fat. When your a kid, you still have baby fat and baby fat is almost impossible to lose. You will lose the baby fat NATURALLY as you grow older. And honestly, any kid that is looking to lose weight and look skinnier is most likely to become anorexic when they become older.

Sandra asks…

How can I lose belly fat FAST?!?

I’ve been running a lot lately, but i might have pulled a leg muscle. Also I was doing a strange set of sit ups and now i’m completely soar on my abs. I’ve tried doing crunches and stuff but it hurts too bad, is there any other way i can lose belly fat? I’m trying to have a six pack. FAST

Author answers:

The fastest way to lose belly fat is by going on a very low carb diet such as south beach,etc

In 2 weeks you can lose up to 13 pounds.

If you can’t do any exercise then just maintain a healthy, very low calorie diet.

If you wanna get a six pack? Dude, you need to do some form of activity, whatever it may be

Do twists with your arms in a pool to build oblique abs and then also knee raises or ANY activity in a pool since your whining about pain..hehe

If you really wanna lose belly fat just cut calories along with the low carb diet, eat small meals, and eat about 1200-1400 cals daily since you arent doing physical activity

South beach diet= lose belly fat FAST!

Linda asks…

What would be the best way to lose belly fat & love handles fast?

I want to be in better shape by the time summer rolls around. I have a little bit of belly fat and love handles, and even some inner thigh fat. Can anyone tell me the best way to lose that fast without involving any diet pills or anything like that. I want pure exercise, I want to lose at least 10 to 15 pounds in around six weeks. Please, let me know if you have an exercise plan or tips at least, to help me achieve this.

Author answers:

The best exercise to help tone the love handles are side bends. These place direct stress on the external oblique muscles forcing them to tone and shape up. Side bends are done by standing straight with knees slightly bent and feet apart, then slowly lower the trunk a few inches to the left side then back again to do the right side. Try to keep the body and legs in line by not bending forwards or backwards.

Another great exercise to lose love handles is torso twists. The abdominals are composed of 3 layers of muscles which slide over each other, torso twists help tone the transverse abdominis muscle tightening the love handles. While standing firmly with feet shoulder width apart, the torso twists gently to the left side then to the right while at the same time trying to limit the movement from the hips. During the movements the torso should always remain upright, there should be no bending involved. Care should also be taken not to twist too far as its easy to pull a muscle when exercising the love handles!

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