Yoga breathing

Linda asks…

Can I go crazy from yoga breathing?

I am looking forward to start a breathing exercise routine at home with no trainers, just with internet information. My mom said that by doing yoga with no trainer I can go crazy, nut I don’t think it has anything to do with that. Can I get help? Thank you anticipated 😀 😉

Author answers:

Yes, there is a reason for this caution. Luckily, most yogic breathing practices are fine. It’s the advanced pranayama practices that sometimes get people into trouble.

This link pretty much explains where your mom is coming from:

I personally had some painful experiences as a result of what I now consider to be self abusive breathing practices. At the time I initially had some exhilarating experiences but then things changed and I am only now starting to get back to normal after 15 years.

What I now realize is that the breathing exercises left me anxious, excited, and many times weak and shaky. Unless you feel deep relaxation along with a slowed heart rate, then the practice is probably not healthy. Yes, as I look back, the exhilirated feelings I had were coupled with anxiety. Any practices involving holding the breath in particular can awaken anxiety and fear if not done properly with an expert observing the student looking for the subtle signs of distress that the student may not be initially aware of.

Have you ever been scared so intensely that your fingernails dug into either your own hand, someone else, or something else you were holding. You don’t notice until afterwards the scratch marks. By the time you notice, the damage is already done. The same thing goes for some of the pranayama practices. A teacher could stop you before you hurt yourself.

Also note that kundalini yoga practitioners will dispute some of these cautions but they are also the same practitioners that learned from experienced teachers in person, not from books and videos.

I had to learn the hard way because nobody cautioned me. Hopefully, with the right information, you can avoid the same fate. If you have any questions about specific breathing practices, please feel free to email me.

Mandy asks…

What are some exercises I could do at home to discipline myself physically – kind of pilates x martial arts?

I can’t get to any kind of lesson but really want to discipline myself physically. So, I’m looking for some kind of series of exercises I can do, just at home by myself, to get stronger (!!) and like… faster. Improve balance, co-ordination, flexibility, reflexes… like a mixture between pilates or yoga and martial arts… training and working muscles through stretching and that. Something I can make a routine with. Not weights or anything though 😉

Actually (might be asking a bit much) but a website detailing how to do some exercises like this would be absolutely brilliant.

Author answers:

Very good start! I advice you to go check this free yoga e-course:

All the best

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Yoga For Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

Whats a good at home yoga videos or workout videos for someone with a bad back?

I have moderate back pain when i get stressed or tensed. Yoga usually helps, but the classes are so expensive. Whats a good tape to do at home?

I also really need to lose some weight, and would like to be able to do it at home. a short but effective video would be great.

Author answers:

There are several DVDs out there that specifically target your back. My experience is that you need to be very, very cautious in your approach when practicing yoga for back pain. It can be immensely helpful, but when pushed too far, too soon, it can aggravate the back.

I think the best ones out there (I haven’t seen them all, but you can do a search on amazon on ‘yoga back dvd’ to get an extensive list) are likely to be the Viniyoga Therapy series: Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum and Hips and Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders. They haven’t been out long, but the exercises Gary Kraftsow uses in these DVDs have been used in studies on back care and came out as winners.

You say your stress and tension causes your back pain, it is likely it is also contributing to your weight problems. See articles like this that support that theory. Finding some stress relief yoga tapes may be a good idea too, there are several short ones out there (try a search on amazon with ‘yoga dvd stress’).

However, if you want to do more of a workout type yoga to help with the weightloss (besides the stress relief), doing a short DVD isn’t going to do it. You’ll need to build up to more than 40 minutes of moderate exertion per a session to get fat burn going in your body. For weight loss I recommend combining stress relief yoga (especially in the evening) and strength-and-stamina yoga.

I would do the back therapy ones for a while first, though, until your back feels stronger and you have a good feel on what poses work for you and how to modify poses that don’t. Then add stress-relief and then move on to more physically demanding yoga.

Good luck on your journey!

Charles asks…

How do you do Yoga at home?

I want to try out some home Yoga, but I don’t know how. Anyone know any good Yoga sites which show you how?

Author answers:

Http:// has a variety of free, one hour, good quality instruction, streaming videos.


Nancy asks…

What is the best way to learn yoga at home?

I’ve always been interested in yoga, but to I have to go to a yoga class or can I just teach myself by researching it and doing it at home?
Also are there any tips you can give me in yoga?
How much do yoga classes cost to join?

Author answers:

I definitely recommend taking some classes. After you are familiar with the postures, you can practice at home, too, but having a live teacher is best so they can make corrections.

Look for studios in your area online. A lot of studios have beginner packages so you can try out the different types of yoga they offer and different teachers. Often, these are punch cards – 5 classes for $30 or something, and you can go any time you want so you can find the classes you like.

You can also check out your local rec. Center. A lot of these also offer yoga classes, often drop-in, and also often cheaper than a yoga studio.

It’s hard to say how much it will cost. It varies pretty widely depending where you live, how many yoga studios there, and even the type of yoga. Even if it’s pricey for you, you may only need to pay for 10-20 classes before you have enough of an understanding to practice at home, at which point it will be free!

Tips for yoga – remember that every body is different, and not only are some ppl more flexible than others, but you’ll also find this within your own body. For example, your hips might be flexible, but not your shoulders. Be patient with yourself and be open to trying new things.

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Has anyone tried the lemon detox diet?

Helen asks…

Herbal and diet detox experiences?

Ok, I’m not asking anyone what their opinion in general is on detoxes, so if you haven’t done one and don’t have any personal experience, please don’t give your general opinion. I’m taking a few supplements to detox my kidneys, liver, and colon, as well as going on a 30-day diet modification that restricts me to fruit in the am only, quinoa, brown rice, chicken, fish, and veggies, veggies, and more veggies. What I hope to get out of this is a reduction is acne and boils and an increase in energy. Has anyone done anything similar? I’d love to hear your experiences so I can know what to expect!

Author answers:

Christine, the best way to detox your kidneys and liver is to take a coffee enema, look it up first before you try it, but it works. This also helps the colon.

Lisa asks…

Has anyone tried the lemon detox diet?

Hi am very curious about this.The lemon detox site says to use mandal bay syrup, but I have checked the dept stores in my city ( Bangalore,India)not one of them has it.I read that alternatively maple syrup can be used.But the scary thing is this diet is supposed to be maintained for 2 weeks! and they say to drink this diet mix (8oz)6-8 times in a day .Do they mean 8oz* 6 times or what.Anyone know more about this please help & I don’t want information or links to colon cleansing please 🙂
but is the liquid the only thing that am allowed to have?

Author answers:

Apparently you can use any kind of organic maple syrup. Emphasis on organic. You will also have to squeeze your own lemons, ie. Fresh juice. I believe the most common detox diet also asks you to add in cayenne pepper. You will have to drink this mixture often (6 to 8 times a day) because the body needs those nutrients (or lack thereof).

I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, such as the first few days being extremely tough, but after day 7, people started seeing a lot of energy.

Jenny asks…

How to get rid of intestinal bulk? AKA detox your body and clean out your colon?

I have bad stomach aches every now and then, especially after I eat! I also have a hard time going number two…sparing the details, it’s just not regular. I’m pleased with my weight…if I stayed at this weight forever I think I would be happy…but I’m getting married in a few months and I would like to be a little slimmer. My stomach is basically my biggest concern, it pooches out around my lower abdomen, and a coworker suggested it could be intestinal bulk (excess poo) thats stuck there. I was wanting to detox and clean it all out (gross I know!).
Just so you know, I’m not relying on a detox to lose weight, I’m on a healthy diet, packed full of fruits and veggies and I’m hitting up the Kinect Zumba three times a week! But I think if I could get rid of this bulk in my stomach it could help get rid of the pooch and make my belly feel better. My coworker suggested the “QuickTrim”…you know, the Kardashian thing. But after reading into it, it doesn’t seem very safe. And I want my insides to feel BETTER, not damage them.
Any natural ways to detox? Thanks! 🙂
Oh and a second question about weight loss…I have gained a little weight in the past year (not much, I’m completely happy with how I look!) but most of it has went to my breasts. They’ve always been large, but now they’re ginormous and I can’t fit into my bras anymore and when I wear any sort of low cut shirt, I look like Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Will they decrease in size if I lose weight? Just wanting someone’s take on that because I’m not really sure.

Author answers:

Hello cut out white carbs and all wheat. Do not even eat whole wheat. Cut out all meat as well. You can get your protein and iron from beans, nuts, seeds, and other healthy sources. Do not eat any dairy or eggs. Keep this up for atleast two weeks. Your body will cleanse and you will feel much better. I suggest keeping to a diet like this for your whole life filled with healthy grains like brown rice, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.

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Detox Cleansing Diets

Donna asks…

I have actually purchased acaiberry detox&colon cleanse&used for 2days,no changes,does it take time to show?

am 78kg now was 104kgs when i delivered my baby 7 months ago with several kind of diet but doesnt want to go less then 78kg., did anyone use acai berry? should it be used with specific diet? please dont give me links, just advises. thanks

Author answers:

It is a waste of money and doesn’t work. No pill, potion or supplement will help you.

All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and exercise – it takes time 🙂

Mary asks…

The truth about colon cleanse/detox plans?

Ok.. I’ve tried to do a little research on this, and the internet is filled with a myriad of products, plans, etc. claiming to cleanse the colon and detox your system. I am not sure what to think. Are supplements really necessary? If so, are there products out there that are safe, with no “fillers”, etc.? Obviously I realize a healthy diet and exercise are a must. I am just looking for a plan to detox my system and clean out the colon… There are so many things out there.. and I’ve also heard scary stories about “natural” products…does anyone have personal experience and/or reliable advice about this? Thanks so much
btw, I already eat plenty of fiber, fresh fruit/veg, and exercise daily.
I want to thank everyone for taking the time to answer. If the general consensus is that a “program” is not necessary, then is there something I can do with diet/fasting for 1-2 days to achieve the same effect? As mentioned, my diet is healthy (includes lots of fiber) and I exercise daily- but too often I still feel “backed up” (sorry, I know it’s not a pretty topic!)

Author answers:

Colon cleansing can be helpful. Those docs who aren’t scared by the alternative movement’s use of colon cleanses will tell you that YES stuff does build up there. All things not being perfect, the colon also is assaulted and can’t do its job in the perfect manner it was created to do it.

The best thing to do is plan a spring or fall yearly cleanse. It is best to use gentle products like what Garden of Life offers, or other equivalents. Avoid psyllium in your cleanse if possible as it is very harsh. I’ve used the Ultimate Cleanse, and like it, but it was a rather long experience. And, the psyllium content ended up making me get IBS mimic symptoms, so I had to stop.

Colon cleansing can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to your wallet. Find an alternative health message board, and ask for people’s recommendations of what they liked.

The heart is supposed to work well to pump the blood around your body, while they lungs infuse oxygen and take away CO2, but we all know they need help occasionally too. 🙂

Remember to always drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise.

Steven asks…

Detox/Colon Cleanse/Candida Question?

I’m exercising doing Insanity workouts, & eating healthy, more fruits & vegetables as well as taking greens powder and a good natural multivitamin daily, I’m also taking psyllium husks, & aloe vera, to clean my colon. (for about a week) How long will it take to detox, or be toxin free, I’m 25 and have had Candida for a few years. I’m also starting a candida diet (again) & natural anti candida remedies: coconut oil, garlic, oregon oil, etc.
(I sweat a lot when I workout & drink plenty of water)

Author answers:

You may be trying too hard with the wrong protocol. To learn about the Candida diet and proper supplements, go to this website:

We typically find that with the anti-fungal diet and proper supplements, people are Candida free in 2-3 weeks.

Good luck!

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