whats the different between yoga and pilates?

William asks…

whats the different between yoga and pilates?

hii everyone!!

i have decided to start doing either yoga or pilates at home and im a little confused on what the difference is. also, since i am doing this at home, what dvds, websites, videos do you recommend?

im a beginner and really wanna follow through with this so please help me. im welcome to all advice (i really need some help and im completely confused!!)

im grateful for any info!

thank you!!!

Author answers:

Yoga is more focused on the poses to build strength and centering. Pilates is more focused on movements to build core strength. Both require a great deal of supervision if you are starting out. I don’t recommend videos or dvds to start. The poses and movements, if not done correctly, can cause injury. Rather, I suggest you look for a gym that offers classes taught by qualified instructors (should have some nationally recognized certification). You can also go to studios and pay per class ($15-20 depending on the market), or you can pay for one-on-one instruction ($50-100). My advice, I would join a gym and attend classes. You will probably really enjoy the camaraderie among your classmates and the instructors are generally carefully screened for their qualifications, and the interpersonal skills. Best of luck.

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