Your Questions About : How To Lose Belly Fat

Sharon asks…

protein diet?

Can any one tell me where online i can find a protein diet for a mother of two little boys that needs a lot of energy? Thank you very much for your help!

admin answers:

I don’t have an on-line site for you to go to however, i can share with you what i’ve tried and it works——eat lots of peanut butter, red meat, eggs, at least four times a day—of course in moderate amounts. Good luck!!

John asks…

Protein diet………………?

If i changed my diet from a diet of not too much food with not too much protein in it, to a diet with lots of protein and calories in it, would i put on a little more muscle even without weightlifting?

admin answers:

Yes the protein foods with out a work out will pack more weight onto your muscles.

Daniel asks…

Protein Diet?

Coz lately for almost 3 weeks now I’m only eating protein diet… i dont take in carbo that much.

like lunch dinner, i only eat chicken (without wings) and i mean that’s it.. no rice/ no mashed potatoes… just the chicken meat.

and yeah i eat salads too but rarely.. like once a week… but still no carbo

admin answers:

Not really the best idea in my opinion. Our bodies need a balanced diet to function properly and it doesn’t sound like you’re getting that. offers a lot of useful information on correct portion size and incorporating all the food groups into your diet.

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