Hypothyroidism diet ?

Sandy asks…

Hypothyroidism diet ?

I have hypothyroidism, I am 21 and was diagnosed when I was 19. I am currently taking .5mg of thyroxin each morning to help stabilize my metabolism however I am still gaining weight. I weighed 70kg when I was first diagnosed, however, now I weigh 93. I find it hard to exercise regularly however I try walking and I do yoga at home. I am a Vegan and I eat plenty of fresh fruit, veg and legumes and drink upwards of 3 liters of water per day. I do eat the occasional packet of chips or have a vegan chocolate bar but otherwise my diet is fairly healthy. Why am I still gaining weight?
I do not for one second believe you are a doctor, no doctor would prescribe weight loss medication to a patient with a bad thyroid gland.

admin answers:

Hi, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 20. I am 29 now and I currently take 100mg of thyroxine. My advice to you would be to go back to your doctors so that they can see if your dosage needs to be increased. Try swimming or gentle walks for exercise. You will get through this. Xxx

Laura asks…

where can i find a good diet for hypothyroidism?

i would like any help i can get without having to take diet pills.. i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 4 years ago. since then i have put on almost 40lbs. i would like some input on what foods to eat that would help speed up my metabolism. also a good workout regimen would help too. thanks in advance.

admin answers:

According to Dr. Todd Nippoldt of the Mayo Clinic, “Generally, there’s no hypothyroidism diet. Although claims about hypothyroidism diets abound, there’s no evidence that eating or avoiding certain foods will improve thyroid function.”

Question asked of Dr. Nippoldt: “Can iodine supplements help regulate thyroid function in a person with hypothyroidism?”

Dr. Nippoldt: “No. Some alternative medicine practitioners recommend iodine tablets or kelp supplements — which are high in iodine — for people with hypothyroidism. It is true that severe iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism. But iodine deficiency is extremely rare in the United States and other developed countries since the addition of iodine to salt (iodized salt) and other foods. If iodine deficiency is not the cause of hypothyroidism, then iodine supplements provide no benefit.

“Hypothyroidism is safely and effectively treated with the synthetic thyroid hormone levothyroxine.”

Walking a couple of miles twice a day would help keep your metabolism revved up naturally. If your health is good enough, try it. My prayers are with you. The main thing is not to forget to take the synthetic thyroid hormone your doctor prescribes for you.

Nancy asks…

What is a good diet for someone with hypothyroidism?

I have hypothyroidism and trying to lose weight any suggestions for a diet for people with hypothyroidism?

admin answers:

Losing weight with hypothyroidism is difficult but can be done. You must do 60-90 minutes of cardio daily.

You must eat three regular meals and 2 healthy snacks. Reduce the refined carbs in your diet, like pototos, white bread, rice and replace them with lots of colourful veggies, eat lots of chicken and fish, and make sure you eat some protein with all of your meals and snacks.

I assume you are on medication, and once the medication starts doing its job it will be easier for you to lose weight.

Good luck.

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What is the quickest diet plan to lose 20+ pounds

David asks…

What is the quickest diet plan to lose 20+ pounds but it cannot have too much exercise?

Ok I have a hectic schedule and i don’t have time to work out so what’s the quickest way to lose 20+ pounds before spring? And if so how quick is it?

admin answers:

For health:
go vegetarian, and just go jogging/running a few times a week.
Try not to eat past 7 or 8 pm
get 7 – 9 hours of sleep.

Charles asks…

need to lose 10-20 pounds in 2 weeks. diet plans, work out plans, any ideas welcome?

i have home-coming coming up and i need to lose some pounds. help would be greatly appreciated!

admin answers:

Run, eat healthy, dont drink sodas or anything with a high sugar amount. 1-2 lbs a week is healthy, anymore than that can be harmful to your body

Laura asks…

Good diet plans to lose 20 pounds in at least 2 months?

I am 5 foot 6 and weight about 145. I am pretty active, but sometimes I just have really off days.
I wanna lost about 17-20 pounds in 2 months. I wanan know a good diet that can help me.
The last diet i went on, I only ate about 1000-1200 calories a day and I lost about 42 pounds, but I gained like 10-15 of it back. so now I want to lose it and keep it off for good. Any Ideas?

admin answers:

Sounds like your last diet worked for you. This time, don’t quit the diet. If you start eating unhealthy again, you are going to get unhealthy again.

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