What are the best fat burning supplements?

George asks…

What are the best fat burning supplements?

It is really summertime! The season when I need to look ripped! At this moment that is far of the case. I’m too much overweight and I’m looking for away to achieve my goal for this summer fast and save. Can Anyone tell me what the best fat burning supplements are?

admin answers:

All fat burning supplements are bad for you, most contain stimulants, which are not good for your heart and whole body. Man-up and train harder on the treadmill pussy.

David asks…

What are some natural and safe fat burning supplements?

I’ve been trying to lose weight and I’m not having much success. I seem to build muscle much easier than I burn fat. I want to add a fat burning supplement to my diet/exercise routine to see if that helps me. I want something safe and natural. Suggestions please?

admin answers:

Pectin which is in apples and carrots . If you eat pectin prior to meals it speeds up your metabolism. Also you should graze , and not eat 4hr before bed.

Maria asks…

How do fat-burning supplements work? What are good supplements?

What is a good fatburning supplement for someone who eats 3 meals a day, and works out/exercises 5-6 days a week?

admin answers:

They have different actions on the body. They can block fat. They can speed up metabolism. They can increase elimination (make you go to the bathroom more). No matter which one(s) you try, try to keep eating healthy. And let your health care provider know you’re trying to lose weight. Avoid caffeine-containing supplements. Caffeine depletes calcium from a woman’s bones, & acidifies the body, promoting a less healthy state. Check out your local health food store & ask for the most popular selling ones.

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