Colon Cleansing?

Mary asks…

Colon Cleansing?

Okay, so I am in the midst of losing weight by dieting and exercising. I read many different websites about the benefits of colon cleansing when dieting and how it can help you to lose weight more (not profoundly though). Most of the websites said that there is a type of “Plaque” that accumulates within your body from all the bad junk you have eaten in your life. And if you do a colon cleaning / detox treatment, after so long you may poop out a long string of plaque from your body cleaning itself. I also read that there are harmful parasites that live within this “plaque” and a lot of times they are the reason why some people have a hard time losing weight. Because the parasites take all the “good” nutrients and leave you with the bad.

Now I went to the Dr. about weight loss and dieting and asked him about colon cleansing, but he laughed and said that was a myth.

Has anyone ever had this done and did end up removing the “plaque” from your body?

Author answers:

Absolutely. I’ve done many types of colon cleanses. Some have been a waste of time. But the really good ones have been truly health changing. I have indeed passed large pieces of mucoid plaque and also worms. The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the world’s population has parasites.

About research:

Until the 1950s medical doctors regularly recommended and researched ways to cleanse the colon including enemas, fasting and herbal cleanses. Many of these doctors considered a healthy colon to be the foundation of overall good health.

There’s a free report on this website that will give you, in specific, all the details of the medical research done on colon cleansing.


I’d recommend that you only take colon cleansing advice from people who’ve actually done it.

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