What list of foods contains high carbohydrates?

Robert asks…

What list of foods contains high carbohydrates?

What list of foods contains high carbohydrates?
What list of foods contains low carbohydrates?
How do I get in my fat-burning zone?

Author answers:

Starchy and sugary foods such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, crisps, sweets.
Carbohydrates are engery and if they are not burnt they will turn into fat in the body.
Low carb foods are foods high in protein such as fish, meat, eggs, vegtables and fruit.
You will need to exercise untill you start sweating such as aerobics, running etc.

Steven asks…

What are a list of examples of carbohydrates?

My mother recently found out from her Dr. that she has high cholesterol and they told her not to eat carbohydrates. I need a good complete list of examples of carbohydrates. She wants to take this list to the grocery store to do her shopping to restock her home. Thanks.

Author answers:

Carbohydrates are sugars and starches. Pasta, bread, candy, sugar, soda, flour, pancakes, popsicles, pop-tarts, cereal, fruit (fresh and canned) potatoes, even some vegetables are high in carbs like peas, and corn are some examples, but carbohydrates are in almost all foods except meats and cheeses.

You have to eat SOME carbohydrates, even with high cholesterol. The ones you should be eating are what are called COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES: Whole grain breads, or whole-grain flours, oatmeal, unpolished, wild or brown rice, vegetables with the skins or peels still on, (like unpeeled potatoes, green beans, pea pods, etc.,) and nuts of all kinds–especially almonds. These carbs will HELP LOWER cholesterol.

What the doctor probably told her was not to eat SIMPLE SUGARS and simple carbohydrates–white flour, white sugar, pastries, most white-flour pastas, any processed foods with high-fructose corn syrup.

CHECK THE LABEL of the foods you buy. The lower the Total Carbohydrate numbers are, the better. Compare foods in cans and boxes when you buy them so that you get the lowest numbers. While cutting down on the simple carbs is always a good idea, it is not a good plan to cut out ALL carbohydrates from your diet. You can’t sustain that kind of diet for long, and it has a bad rebound effect when you stop eating like that–any weight you lose on it will come back with a vengeance.

Rule of thumb: the fewer processed foods you eat, the fewer bad carbohydrates you will eat. Make things from scratch instead–and eat your vegetables as raw as possible to get the benefits of the fiber and keep the starches from turning to sugars. Switch from white bread to whole grain bread and any bread products (even buns for hamburgers) do the same. Check any labels for high-fructose corn syrup and buy as few products with it as possible. Eat out as little as possible.

Good luck to her.

Richard asks…

where can I get a list of complex carbohydrates?

It has been recommended that I consume complex carbohydrates and I think pototoes, yams and rice are on the list HOWEVER I am also trying not to eat anything white ie; white bread, white rice, white pasta……..any suggestions would help.

Author answers:

Hers a few for you:
There are two types of carbohydrate: complex and simple.

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are often referred to as starch or starchy foods. They are found naturally in foods and also refined in processed foods.

Complex carbohydrates as natural starches are found in:

o bananas
o barley
o beans
o brown rice
o chickpeas
o lentils
o nuts
o oats
o parsnips
o potatoes
o root vegetables
o sweet corn
o wholegrain cereals
o wholemeal breads
o wholemeal cereals
o wholemeal flour
o wholemeal pasta
o yams.

Complex carbohydrates as refined starches are found in:

o biscuits, pastries and cakes
o pizzas
o sugary processed breakfast cereals
o white bread
o white flour
o white pasta
o white rice.

Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are also known as sugars. They also exist in either a natural or refined form.

Natural sugars are found in fruit and vegetables.

Refined sugars are found in:

o biscuits, cakes and pastries
o chocolate
o honey and jams
o jellies
o brown and white cane sugar
o pizzas
o prepared foods and sauces
o soft drinks
o sweets and snack bars.

Simple carbohydrates (sugar) cause tooth decay.

The difference between complex and simple carbohydrates

All carbohydrates form glucose when digested. Glucose is transported around the body via blood and taken into cells to be converted into energy.

The pancreas gland in your abdomen secretes the hormone insulin which controls the uptake of glucose by your cells.

If you have any excess glucose, this is converted into glycogen which is stored in the liver or in fat around the body.

When your body needs more energy, a second hormone called glucagon is secreted by the pancreas. This converts the glycogen back into glucose, which is then released into your bloodstream for your cells to use.

This means the body’s glucose (sugar) metabolism is a cycle of glucose, insulin and glucagon reactions.

* The slower the release of glucose and hormones, the more stable and sustainable the energy levels of the body.

* The more refined the carbohydrate, the faster the glucose is released into your blood. This can cause peaks and drops in your blood sugar level, and less stable energy levels in the body.

Complex carbohydrates provide a slower and more sustained release of energy than simple carbohydrates.

Here is a web site that should be of use I know its good I used to work there. Http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/carbohydrates.html

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