Your Questions About : Teenage Diets

Ken asks…

Can someone please give me some “realistic” dieting tips?

My main trouble is carbs. They are my biggest weakness. I need to replace them. Also can I have some realistic dieting tips to help spur me on and how do you find it to keep your willpower up? I’m ok on exercise as I have joined my work’s gym. I want to eat right but not get hungry so I snack. Please help me and any constructive advice is appreciated.
thank you so much all of you for helping me!! you all gave realistic advice then and I will find it impossible to choose a best answer. I like thr ice cake idea and the water one. I will drink a glass of water before every meal now and need to cut down on my coffees. also the protein idea and all the ideas to do with snakcing you are spot on. thank you all and if anyone has anything else to add just go ahead. i could use all the help i can get!!! thanks and i have so much weight to lose! wish me luck!
also ignore the typos in my added details. replied too quick :S

Author answers:

I AM not a specialist in this but drink water it fills you up does not have any calories.
The body is mostly made up of water and cut out or only have 4/5 cups coffee as it is not good for you so my dietitian has told me. I drink 4/5 pints yes of water a day.
Take a least one glass water before every meal . Good luck

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