Am i becoming anorexic?

Nancy asks…

Am i becoming anorexic? Please Help!?

I just wanted to know if i am starting to develop an eating disorder or not.
I am 5’6, 15 and weigh around 126lbs. I have lost 5lbs in the last few weeks. I want to be 90lbs desperately. I keep track of my calories in an online food diary and try my hardest to stick to under 800-1000 calories a day however i usually end up going around the 1150 calorie mark. I keep a journal filled with quotes, meal/diet plans, skinny models, self hate letters and more. There is also a powerpoint presentation on my laptop which i look at and update often. It is filled with diet rules, more photos, my weight loss goal and history, pro ana website addresses, diary entries and more. I hate my body and see fat a lot of the time. It’s like there is two voices inside my head, one telling me not to eat, to lose 36lbs and be the skinniest person ever, and another one telling me you have to eat, your beautiful and healthy already. I also sort of want to be anorexic, i know that is cruel and horrible to say, but its true. I want to be hospitalized for anorexia because then i will have reached an enormous goal and i will be the envy of other girls. I weigh my self at least 2 or 3 times a day, and i am heart broken if my weight has gone up. I read and memorize nutrition labels, and have lists of safe foods and unsafe foods. I try not to eat much at school, but my friends will ask my why, i make up excuses, but i can’t do that all the time. No matter what i eat, i feel guilty. My friends think i am sad all the time now as well. I guess i am sadder than i used to be, but i am happier at home. I am EXHAUSTED ALL THE TIME and feel like i have no energy, even though i get about 9hrs sleep a night. But that might just be because i am a teenager. I don’t know what to do. I can’t speak to anyone, because i don’t think they will take me seriously. I mean, i’m still a perfectly normal weight. Please Help!!!

admin answers:

You kind of are. I almost became an anorexic because i hated how i looked and trust me it is HORRIBLE!. It is all you think about and it just takes your life away. You are always tired because you are not eating enough. You have to have at laest 1200 calories a day for your body to function properly. I will put some tips on here that are good for your body.

Here are some little tips but you haveeee to remember that weight loss doesnt happen overnight and to not push it.

Try to limit pasta and white bread intake.

If you want something sweet, then try grapes and strawberries. You may be thinking ughh i have heard that a thousand times but it can really take that craving away.

At night turn your fan on or leave a window open. If you are a little cold, then your matabolism gets higher and you burn more calories because your body is working harder to keep you warm.

Help out around the house. Keeps you moving and burns calories.

Switch regular chips for baked chips. To me they taste better and they have less fat and stuff

fruit smoothies with not a lot of sugar……..mmmmmmm

at every meal dont drink ice cold water. Drink room temperature water. Cold water can stretch you stomach and then you will eat more.

Take a sip of water after every bite. It feels u up a whole lot more and it tricks ur body into thinking it is food. And also water can stop some fat from being absorbed.

CHEW GUM ALL THE TIME! I hear if u r an extreme gum chewer you can lose up to 11 pounds a year. Go for the sugarfree kind. And stride has a new kind that can change flavors so you dont get bored!

At parties dont walk around the food table. Party foods are extremely unhealthy.

Dont drink soda. Not even diet. Ask urself. Do i really need that?

Try kashi bars and fiber one bars. Fiber is a good thing to have when u are trying to lose weight. It helps you to lose.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Cold fruit tastes AMAZING after a good workout when you are hot and sweaty.

When you eat salad try to avoid lots of cheese and dont eat any crutons. They are loaded with calories.

Swap ranch to italian dressing or vinagrette

dont get tricked by those fruit juices that claim they have real fruit in them. For instance, an orange has three grams of fiber so why doesnt orange juice have any?

Laugh every chance you can. Every time you laugh u burn a small amount of calories (2-5)

if u are DYING for chocolate then try chocolate covered seeds, some hersheys dark chocolate kisses( 20 cals. Each), or dip some strawberries in melted dark chocolate.
( dark chocolate may taste bad but it is better for you and has all kind of anioxidants)

the way your friends eat around you can influence how you eat, for example if they are all eating burgers and you just gonna sit there and eat vegetables? So be careful

ditch iceberg lettuce for romaine ( it has more nutrients )

it is getting hotter outside so go swimming. Swimming laps is GREATTT for losing weight

i hope these helped you and other out there. Good luck!

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