Diet plans that actually WORK + fast results?

Michael asks…

Diet plans that actually WORK + fast results?

admin answers:

A good diet plan is one you wont fail, which is one meant for you where you eat the foods you love. The key to the right diet is eating 5 small meals a day between 300-500 calories per meal intake, with enough protein, carbs and fat. Everything on a nutrition label is pretty much, important for your body.

A small example for a days worth of meals is:

2 eggs, preferably the whites, or not too much yolk.
Side of fruit (apple, 1/2 cup of grapes, an orange, etc)
Side of wheat toast light butter or jam
1/2 cup of juice and a large glass of water

Snack (after breakfast before lunch, each meal is roughly 2-3 hours apart)
1/2 cup of trail mix (raisins, nuts, dried fruit)
Low fat yogurt

1/2 Turkey sandwich with lettuce (dark greens not iceburg), tomato (light mayo) or cheese.

Snack 2:
1 cup of protein drink or 1 protein bar


8oz of grilled salmon
1/2 cup of whole grain pasta
side of veggies (corn, carrots, broccoli, etc)

If you get hungry 2-3 hours before bedtime (it is not a crime or against any code to eat after a certain time) you can have a snack, preferably something with protein, if you want to indulge in ice cream just pick a smarter choice like fat free frozen yogurt or low fat ice cream. Etc.

Charles asks…

What is a good vegetarian diet plan that would work well and fast?

I’m 14 years old around 5’5 and about 120 pounds.
I’m also a vegetarian. I’m looking to loose some weight but not a lot.
Just to tone and to eat healthier. I can’t seem to find a vegetarian diet plan so if you could help me out with some tips or information that would be great.

admin answers:

I tend not to like strict diet plans. I found that I ate a LOT better when I went vegan (no more cheesey gooey goodness or ice cream). I would suggest going vegan for the period of your diet. Also, abstain from pre packaged vegan foods (soy ice cream, fried chik’n, etc), and focus more on whole foods. Seriously, taking the cheese and dairy out of my diet did wonders because so many fatty and tasty foods are eliminated.

So, in sum, try a vegan diet full of unprocessed foods. Please understand I am not trying to push veganism on you for any moral or ethical reason. What you eat is up to you. I am simply focusing on the health aspects and my own experience. You could easily do this for the duration of your diet and then switch back to eating healthy dairy and egg products in your diet.

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Your Questions About : Diets And Diet Plans

Helen asks…

What are good healthy diet plans for men?

Does anyone know of any good healthy diet plans for men. A healthy diet plan that is not boring and has many varieties of food.

admin answers:

First thing you need to understand about your diet is too much sugar in your blood will make you fat no matter what diet you are on or how much you work out. Too many ketones in your blood will prevent you from using the sugar in your blood as energy. Too few ketones in your blood will cause you to burn your blood glucose off too fast. So you need to eat small portions of carbs and protein about every 3 hours.
Another thing to know is that trans fat, hydrogenated oil and polyunsaturated fat causes type 2 diabetes. To raise your metabolism stop eating ANYTHING that has these in them. Polyunsaturated fat is ok in small quantities now and them. Also Cholesterol is a key thing. Bad cholesterol is high in red meats, dark meats, pork and even turkey and chicken breast. These types of cholesterol get inside the cell and clog it up. This prevents the cell from being able to accept sugar and burn it off. Where as the trans fats and hydrogenated oils form plaque on top of the cell wall and prevents insulin from being to stick to the cell therefore preventing sugar from being absorbed by the cell. These are the things that lower your metabolism rate as you get older and lead to heart disease and diabetes. To avoid this simply avoid these fats and cholesterols.
Any modified food starch, flour, enriched flour, corn starch, potato starch, high fructose syrups etc. All will raise your blood sugar levels higher and faster than pure sugar will. So watch out for things that say “lite” and “sugar free” and “diet”. Many of these things use these to elevate your blood sugars and keep you addicted by tricking you into thinking they are better for you than stuff with sugar in it. That is not to say that sugar is good for you but it is better for you than modified food starch for sure.
You will want to eat 2 green apples a day. The high level of soluble fiber and high level of pectin in them help slow the uptake of sugar into your blood stream. Also lots of green leafy vegetables will provide you with nutrients you need while slowing your sugar uptake. Never eat a carb without eating a protein with it. Never eat any carb that is a simple carb or has a hi glycemic index i.e. Corn, potatoes, bread.
Bread is ok if you get 100% whole grain with no additives or preservatives. In fact, this is a necessity. Real peanut butter with no trans fat and no additives is an awesome complex carb. Pecans are magical on blood sugar levels. Eat a handful and if your blood sugar is too high they will lower it. If it is too low they will raise it. And pecans will sustain your blood sugar levels for hours.
You want to have a 3:1 ratio of omega 3 fatty acids to omega 6 fatty acids. So fish without lots of mercury and olive oil for cooking is a must. Flax seeds are also good.
Taking about 10mg of a supplement called MDM, vitamin c, calcium, vitamin D and b12 are all great for making the cell walls more elastic which will raise your metabolism, help rid your body of plaque, and lessen your need for insulin. Another great trick is using about a half table spoon of cinnamon per day. Cinnamon actually has a chemical in it that acts like insulin and reduces the risk of diabetes and speeds up your metabolism.
You want to eat red meat at least once a week and at most a few times a week. Chicken is something to eat at least a few times a week but not more than once a day. Cod, Tilapia and Salmon are the meats of necessity.
Oatmeal is good for slowing the digestive process also, but it also burns off fast into sugar and spikes the blood sugar good. So it is important to not eat more than half a serving at a time and eat it with pecans and protein. Preferably egg whites cooked in olive oil with salsa or fresh veggies.
Greek yogurt is awesome for digestion and low in sugars. SILK is an awesome source of protein and carbs verses high sugar milk (11gm per serving = 1cup, not glass).
Make sure you watch all your pre mixed cooking spices. Most of them have modified food starch.
Beans are a great complex carb. If you are going to eat a potato try to limit to half of a red potato tops before working out. Not all fruits are good. Green apples, grapefruit are awesome. Oranges are borderline and most other fruits are high in fructose. Avoid granny smith apples though. Those are horrible on the glycemic index. Broccoli is a must.

Sharon asks…

Can someone give me a diet plan for men?

my boyfriend wants to eat better and I can tell him whats good and bad but I’m not sure how much of what he should be eating at certian meals cuze I know its different for guys and girls…could you help me?

admin answers:

Its pretty much universal for men and women, only difference is you increase portion sizes slightly and replace some cardio with lifting. Men also need more protein so more chicken, fish and eggs

eat less more often
eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water
eat breakfast
dont eat within 3 hours of sleep

run an hr each day at a steady pace without any breaks

do jumping jacks or anything that will increase your heart rate right after you wake up

get up to go to the bathroom around for 5 minutes every hour

don’t eat foods with more than 20-30% calories from fat

get 8 hrs of sleep

do as much cardio as you can for as long as you can. The longer your body is deprived of oxygen while excercising (cardio) the more ATP and glucose it will burn up. Once u run out of ATP it then burns glucose and once youre out of that, fat.

Ken asks…

Can anyone suggest a website with an effective weight loss/workout/diet plan for men?

I need to lose a sizable amount of weight safetly and effectively but need some guidance from someone (or a website) with detailed instructions. Would prefer a program that someone has personally experienced and had success with.

admin answers:

Here is a place that reviews a bunch of weight loss programs, dieting aides, supplements and so on. The site even has categories like diabetes, low fat and hypnosis. Pretty cool site.


Many of the programs listed have consumer reviews, so you can read what others think of the different programs before you decide on one for yourself.

Hope this helps – good luck to you!

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