Workouts You Can Do At Home

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CC BY-ND by Synergy by Jasmine

William asks…

Workouts you can do at home w/o weights or a ball?

Basically I’m a busy person and I’m only up during the night mostly. There’s no local gym that’s open 24/7 and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a dvd or anywhere online or something that lays out a simple work out plan without that stupid ball or w/o weight lifting. I looked into yoga but the only yoga dvds I’ve found seem like crazy advanced yoga.

Anyway anyone got any advice? Thanks.

Author answers:

Netflix!!! They have so many dvds for workouts, check it out and you’ll definitely find something for you. The good thing is if you don’t like the dvd you can just send it back and get another one 🙂 what i suggest is that when you find one you really like you can buy it on amazon or something. As far as workouts i like…yoga, bellydancing, and walk away the pounds.

Sharon asks…

Month two of P90x, and I’m thinking about stopping before I get TOO skinny, what should I do, Please help!?

Dont be scared away from all the text!!!
I wanna make sure Im detailed so I can get the best help!

Im on Phase 2 (month 2) of P90X home workout system. 15 years old, Im about 5’10, 130lbs
And I have not been following the diet plan, but I have been eating healthier and I’ve been skipping some of the cardio workouts (plyometrics, Kenpo, yoga) Out of laziness, because Im skinny to begin with. I want to be more fit, and gain a little more bulk, but not too crazy, But I definitely want mass, and more defined pecs.

My two before and after pictures from the whole first month, almost look exactly the same!!
I do have a better 6 pack though

ANYWAY! Basically what im trying to ask is, should i keep doing p90x? or should i use my home workout machine that looks exactly like this,

bench press, legs, pull-down bar, butterflies, and what I think is a curl bar, (down at the bottom on the floor)

I haven’t had the chance to use it yet!
My parents got it for me cause it was an amazing deal, and I planned on using it after the P90x workout. But since I seem to be getting more toned, Im thinking about stopping P90x, and going to the machine, will it make a difference?

How can I gain mass?
I DO take protein shakes after working out, but i just started using it, for about the past week

Also, if someone thinks I should switch to the machine, could you please provide a good workout plan to use with the workout machine, and dumbells if possible

Thank you so much!
I really hope I can get some help

Author answers:

I would finish up p90x first. And dont skip any plyometrics or cardio…do EVERY workout.

Remember you only get out of a work out what you put into it.

When you finish P90x then you can start using the machine to build some mass….but dont quit p90x when your almost done!

Michael asks…

what is better pilates OR yoga?

im thinking about doing pilates or yoga at home, im going to buy a used video workout to learn all the poses, im doing this for flexibility and core strenght in addition to weigh training cardio and sports, my question is whats better for a 16year old that wants to get out of it flexibility and anyother benefits from it to add into sport

Author answers:

Flexibility and overall tone = yoga
Core craziness w/ a little flexibility/overall tone = Pilates

test drive both if you’re only picking one… There are plenty of google searches or youtube’s that have fitness videos

I have to admit both are incredible workouts but in yoga not only do you get crazy flexibility but you get strong tight muscles while keeping the figure you want… I do yoga and I struggle to last the whole class.. Granted I workout for power in the gym and not endurance but still… Good stuff

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